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It’s no secret that many industries are experiencing a labor shortage in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. You might have turned on the news recently and seen a story about how restaurants are having a hard time finding new employees. Or maybe it was a story about how school bus drivers are in short

It’s very common for babies to not be born on their expected due date. But if pregnancy continues on for too long, or if the mother has a health condition that makes it important for the baby to be born as soon as possible, a doctor may recommend inducing labor to speed up the process.

In medical malpractice cases, doctor-patient relationships are a very important part of the claim. The very existence of a doctor-patient relationship is one of the most basic things you’ll need to prove in order to move forward with a malpractice lawsuit.  What is a Doctor-Patient Relationship? In the legal sense, a doctor-patient relationship means that

It’s absolutely crucial that a patient fully trusts their doctor. This is true whether a patient is seeing their doctor for a routine checkup or something much more complex and sensitive, like delivering a baby. Every pregnancy is different and it’s only natural to have questions and concerns as your pregnancy progresses. Even if you’ve

When complications occur with the placenta, the baby is typically the one who faces the most serious risks because of the possibility that it could interfere with oxygen delivery. But in some situations, a problem with the placenta can cause serious problems for the mother instead. During the typical process of giving birth, the placenta

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, the opioid crisis was one of the most widely discussed public health issues facing America. According to the HHS, two out of three drug overdose deaths in 2018 involved an opioid and in 2019, about 9.7 million people misused prescription painkillers. But just because COVID has taken over the news,

Giving birth is an extremely difficult process for both the baby and the mother. And sometimes babies need a little extra help coming into the world. Sometimes, this means performing an episiotomy on the mother or the mother’s perineum tearing naturally to create extra room for the child as they leave their mother’s body. Natural

When people go to see a doctor, they trust that their doctor will be able to quickly figure out what the problem is and give you a correct diagnosis. But sometimes, doctors don’t get it right. In many cases, illnesses and medical conditions may have symptoms that are very similar to other conditions, so it’s

Going through the process of childbirth is never easy, even under the best circumstances. Even with all the progress that has been made in helping make childbirth safer over the years, there are still many things that can potentially go wrong and put both the mother and the child in jeopardy. And when things go

You’d be hard pressed to find a medical procedure or treatment option that doesn’t involve a potential risk of complications. Even relatively simple, routine procedures can still carry a risk of complications or negative side effects and it’s very important for patients to understand what might be in store if they agree to undergo the