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Sometimes, there can be confusion about whether or not a condition is a birth injury or a birth defect. Generally speaking, a birth defect is a condition which develops during pregnancy, often the result of genetics. On the other hand, birth injuries are caused by something that goes wrong during labor/delivery or shortly after birth,

A mother's hand holds a sleeping baby's hand.

Even with how far we’ve come in making pregnancy and delivery safer for both the mother and the baby, it’s still possible for things to go wrong. Sometimes, there are complications that come up that doctors could not have prevented. But the sad reality is that every year, many babies experience birth injuries that could

What is NICU Malpractice?

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A sleeping baby with a tube in its nose.

There are many different reasons a newborn might need to spend time in a NICU after delivery. Very often, it’s because the baby was born prematurely, but it can also be because of medical conditions like jaundice, respiratory distress syndrome, infections, and hypoglycemia. The NICU is supposed to be a place where a baby with

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Medical malpractice can take many different forms. In some cases, a patient is affected by a mistake made during surgery. Or an incorrect diagnosis could mean a patient doesn’t get the care they need in time or they’re given the wrong treatment. But if someone seeks dental care and a dentist makes a mistake that

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For an unborn baby, the umbilical cord is an essential connection to the oxygen and nutrients it needs to grow and thrive. If that knot becomes too tight and restrictive, it can potentially pose a serious risk to the baby. A true knot is a type of umbilical cord knot that occurs when the cord

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Throughout any pregnancy, it’s critical for the mother’s medical condition to be carefully monitored by her doctor. There are a lot of things that need to be watched to make sure everything is progressing as expected and to detect signs of any potential complications. The sooner potential signs of complications are detected, the sooner they

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Over the years, births by cesarean section have become increasingly common. According to a report released by the CDC, 31.8% of all births in the United States in 2020 were through a C-section. In some cases, C-sections are planned, either due to the mother’s personal preferences or for reasons that were identified before labor began,

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In any type of personal injury case, medical records are a critical type of evidence. This is true whether a case involves medical malpractice, a work-related injury, injuries caused by a slip-and-fall, birth trauma, or a car accident. It’s not at all uncommon for a party accused of causing an injury to try and deny

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When injuries occur around the time of birth, it’s important for steps to be taken right away to assess the extent of those injuries and determine what treatment, if any, is needed. But how do you know if your child has been injured?  Some of the immediate signs of birth trauma include limp limbs, tense

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