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Food delivery person accepting an order at a restaurant.

Need to earn some extra cash? If you have a car, one option is to sign up to be a delivery person for a service like Instacart, Uber Eats, or Doordash and earn money by picking up restaurant orders and groceries for other people. These types of services offer a lot of flexibility about when

What to Do After a Bus Accident

Wednesday, 15 November 2023 by
Bus Stop lane painted on a road.

Buses are big vehicles and the larger a vehicle is, the more damage it can potentially cause in a collision. According to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, 105 people in Michigan were killed in accidents involving big trucks and buses in 2022, with an additional 3,632 people injured. Whether you’re a passenger on

Cars in a parking lot.

At times, parking lots and garages can be difficult for even the most experienced drivers to navigate. They can often be very busy, with people walking around, drivers who aren’t paying attention, or are driving too fast. There may also be people trying to back out of spaces who can’t see around a neighboring vehicle

A row of orange construction barrels on a road.

One of the most reliable things about living in the state of Michigan is that, between the spring and fall seasons, you can count on there being lots of active road construction projects throughout the state. Having to deal with construction projects is never convenient, but the repairs are necessary. It’s also necessary for drivers

Front end of a car that has been damaged in a car accident.

Car accidents are always extremely frustrating to deal with, but they become even more upsetting when the other driver leaves the scene of the accident without even stopping. The callous disregard people can have for the safety of others is truly shocking. But what can you do if your car is hit by a hit-and-run

A driver's hand on a car's steering wheel.

Driving can very often be a stressful and difficult situation. People might have to deal with slow traffic and get anxious about running late. People might be upset about something else going on in their lives. A distracted driver might not stop like they’re supposed to. And even if you’re not the one driving aggressively

A view of a car's dashboard with a woman's hands on the steering wheel.

When a teenager is old enough to take the first steps toward learning how to drive, it can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Teens may be excited about being able to have more independence, but worry about being able to pass the tests to get their license. For parents, there’s the stress of

Do Speed Bumps & Speed Humps Work?

Wednesday, 08 February 2023 by
A yellow road sign warning drivers about speed bumps.

Speeding is a major safety issue on the roads. In the state of Michigan alone, 24,555 car crashes in 2021 involved speeding. Additionally, excessive speed was cited as being a factor in 21% of fatalities in and 15.5% of suspected serious injuries in Michigan motor vehicle accidents the same year. In the time since the

The side mirror of a car being driven on a snowy road.

We’ve come a long way in terms of improving the safety of cars. It wasn’t all that long ago that backup cameras were considered a new, cutting edge feature, and now they’re standard on new vehicles.  Plus new cars often come with several other advanced safety features, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), forward collision

A mother buckles her baby into a car seat.

For the first several years of a child’s life, they’re going to spend a lot of time in car seats and booster seats. Finding the right seats for their child is a challenge many parents need to deal with, to say nothing of making sure that seat is installed properly in their vehicles. While car