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The safest place anybody should ever be is in their own home. Imagine enjoying an afternoon in your living room, enjoying a relaxing day binge watching your favorite show on Netflix when, suddenly, the unthinkable happens: a car comes crashing into your home. Most people do not expect to find themselves ever having to deal

Every winter, there’s one question lots of Michigan drivers have: are we legally required to clear the snow off of our cars? The answer to this is yes, under Section 257.677a of the Michigan Vehicle Code. This part of the Michigan Vehicle Code plainly states that a person shall not remove, or cause to be

Being injured in a car accident is an extremely overwhelming experience. Not only do you have to worry about getting immediate care for your injuries, it’s very common to feel unsure about what you should and shouldn’t be doing. When injuries are involved, people often feel stressed out about unwittingly saying or doing something that

Driving during the winter comes with a lot of annoyances. People often have to spend time brushing the snow off their car if they aren’t able to park in a covered area. It takes time for cars to warm up on cold days. That’s not even getting into the changes that people need to make

When you look back at the early days of the pandemic, what are some of the things you remember most about that time? For many people, that answer might be about how quiet and deserted the streets were because of the stay-at-home orders that had recently gone into effect. With so many people working from

Cell phones have become a major part of our day-to-day lives, but when a person is behind the wheel, it’s best for their phones to be kept on silent or set on “Do Not Disturb” mode so that drivers aren’t tempted to look at them while driving. Or, better yet, be kept someplace like a

For many people, when they look back at the time they spent in high school, they might have fond memories of sneaking in some alcohol. Often, when teenagers get a hold of alcohol, they get it from a parent or another adult who simply doesn’t think underaged drinking is a big deal, because they want

To drive safely, one of the most important things you can have is a clear view of the road. No matter how far you’ll be driving, it’s absolutely essential to see what’s going on around you on all sides. This is something that’s so important, most states have laws prohibiting obstructing vision through windshields and

When parents have children who enjoy spending time playing outside, safety is always going to be a big concern. Reckless drivers can easily put children in danger and parents need to worry about making sure their children don’t play too close to the road and know not to run into the street. But when you

Distracted driving is a far too common occurrence. According to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, 2,782 Michigan car crashes in 2019 involved cell phone use. But it’s important to remember that cell phones are just one way distracted driving can occur. Distracted driving can also involve eating or drinking, adjusting a GPS system,