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Michigan has some very unique laws when it comes to auto insurance. We’re one of the few states in the country to have a no-fault insurance law and we are currently the only state to provide unlimited medical coverage to those catastrophically injured in car accidents. As part of being a no-fault state, Michigan drivers

Maybe you’ve spotted one at a busy intersection you have to drive through to get to work. Maybe you’ve even fallen victim to its all-seeing eye, getting mailed a ticket for being a little cavalier with that last yellow light. However you look at it, one thing is clear: these days, increasing numbers of traffic

If you’ve ever spent any significant time driving, you’ve likely been frustrated by another driver who doesn’t seem to understand how to use their turn signals. Maybe you’ve had to slam on your brakes after someone tried to merge into your lane without signalling first. Or maybe you’ve been behind another driver who has had

Riding a motorcycle will always come with some types of risks. Since motorcycles aren’t enclosed vehicles, they don’t have as many safety features as regular cars, like airbags and seatbelts. Motorcycles are also less visible than passenger vehicles, so many accidents occur when drivers fail to see motorcyclists on the road. Changes in road conditions

In many parts of the country, summer is peak motorcycle riding season. But while riding a motorcycle always involves some inherent risks, hot weather can add some unique risks to the mix. If you’ll be out riding on a hot day, here are some steps you can take so you can protect yourself and stay

If you’ve lived in Michigan long enough, you’ve surely heard the joke about how we have two seasons here: winter and construction. Once the weather warms up, construction crews are out there working hard to repair the damage caused by harsh winter weather and it’s very likely that will involve tearing up and completely replacing

In theory, car accidents can happen anywhere. If vehicles can be driven on a given road, the potential for car accidents exists. But some roadways have higher rates of accidents than others. Here in Michigan, parts of I-94 have a reputation for making headlines because of reports of car accidents, often large multi-car pileups. In

It’s no secret that Michigan’s roads are in pretty rough shape. Throughout the winter and spring seasons, it’s not at all uncommon to encounter a few potholes as you’re out driving. In a state like Michigan, where the weather has a reputation for being bitterly cold one day and springlike the next, it’s understandable why

Without a doubt, Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law is one of the most unique — and controversial — laws in the state. If you’re severely injured in a car accident, the benefits you can receive under the Michigan no-fault law are absolutely priceless. But others see the law as being the reason for the fact

In a state like Michigan, winter driving isn’t always easy. Even if you make every effort to stay safe on the roads, from making sure your car is prepared to handle winter conditions to following best winter driving practices, there’s still a chance that you could still end up being involved in a car accident.