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Child car seats play an important role in keeping children safe in the event of a car accident, but there’s no denying that they can be very confusing to use correctly. So many new parents have stories about how they struggled to install their child’s car seat and once a car seat is installed, it’s

Car accidents are always upsetting. They happen in an instant and after they’ve happened, people are often so overwhelmed that they don’t know what to do next. But when the accident occurs by being sideswiped by another driver, they can be particularly upsetting because drivers often have no idea they’re about to be hit and

One of the most unfortunate realities of being a driver is the fact that you can be the most cautious driver in the world, but if another driver has a lapse of judgement, you can still become the victim of a car accident and those accidents aren’t always minor fender-benders. Millions of people are injured

When you’re running late, one of the last things you want to see is that your car is covered with snow. Having to take the time to clear your car of snow and ice before heading anywhere is definitely one of the most annoying parts of Michigan winters, especially if you don’t have covered parking

There’s no place like home for the holidays and for millions of people in the United States, that means having to take a road trip so they can spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with their loved ones. For Thanksgiving 2018, AAA estimated that 48.5 million people would be driving at least 50 miles to their destination

Car accidents are frustrating enough to deal with when only one other driver is involved, but they get exponentially more difficult when two, three, four, or more cars are involved. Like accidents that only involve one other car, chain reaction car accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons, including driving too closely to

Being involved in a car accident is always upsetting, but hit-and-run accidents are particularly stressful to deal with. Even worse, hit-and-run accidents are far too common. In April 2018, research from AAA found that one hit-and-run accident happens every minute in the United States. In the state of Michigan, failing to stop at the scene

Every school year, school buses help about 25 million children get to and from school. If your child is one of them, the good news is that school buses are the safest way to make sure kids get to and from school safely each day. Because of the strict regulations that apply to school buses

The arrival of fall means different things to different people. To some, it’s back-to-school season and to others, it’s the return of football season, sweater weather, or cider mill season. But it’s important to remember that fall also means the risk of getting into a car-deer accident is about to go up. In 2017, it

Michigan has some very unique laws when it comes to auto insurance. We’re one of the few states in the country to have a no-fault insurance law and we are currently the only state to provide unlimited medical coverage to those catastrophically injured in car accidents. As part of being a no-fault state, Michigan drivers