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Construction sites can be dangerous places: Sparks fly, hammers clang, men and women work high up in the air, things fall. There are a number of things employers can do to make construction sites safer. Sometimes these things are not followed. Sometimes due to negligence, laziness or cost cutting, employers make mistakes that can have enormous consequences for the people they employ. People can get hurt. Those injuries can have especially dire consequences for people who work with their bodies and need all of their limbs and body parts working properly to do their jobs.

If you have been injured on a construction site you may be entitled to a settlement or financial compensation. Don’t let greedy bosses and employers get away with murder– or injury. Let our lawyers fight for you. If you have been hurt on a construction site don’t try to take on the insurance companies and bosses alone. We have the resources, skill and experience to get the justice you deserve.  Our attorneys will investigate any construction site injury with no charge or legal fees unless and until we win money for you. Call our Michigan lawyers now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Remember, at Scott Goodwin Law P.C., we fight for you.

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Construction Site Accident FAQ

What are some common causes of construction site accidents?

Construction sites are an inherently dangerous area for workers and passers-by alike, due to the intense work being performed, and the machinery involved. As a result, these sites can pose a large number of risks for accident and injury, including:

  • Improperly constructed scaffolding, leading to injuries from falls

  • Lack of guardrails and protection on elevated surfaces

  • Accidents involving heavy equipment (cranes, dump trucks, etc) and pedestrians

  • Exposed steel or rebar

  • Falling masonry

  • Electrocutions from improperly grounded equipment or unprotected power lines

  • Unsafe spot-pile placement

  • General improper use of equipment

among many others. These accidents are typically preventable, but when the proper steps aren’t taken to ensure the safety of all on site, accidents can happen faster than you expect.

What Should You Do If You Are Injured On A Construction Site?

If you have been injured on a construction site, it’s important to stay calm. The first thing you need to do is seek immediate medical attention, no matter how serious the injury may be. Treating the injury immediately will not only help keep you safer and encourage better healing of the injury itself, but can also improve your chances of receiving pain and suffering damages during your claim, as you can then prove your injury was properly treated and taken care of.

Once your injuries have been attended to, you need to seek the legal advice of a construction injury lawyer as soon as possible. Involving an injury attorney early on in the process will help you throughout every step of your claim, particularly when the big insurance companies start to get involved, and in many cases there is a statute of limitations on when your claim can be filed after the accident occurs. Contact a construction site lawyer at Scott Goodwin Law P.C. as soon as you can with the details of your case to help start the wheels of justice in motion.

What Should I Know When Hiring A Construction Site Injury Attorney?

When contacting a construction site attorney, they will need certain details of your case in order to be better able to help you. These details can include:

  • The date and time of the injury

  • What you were doing when the injury occurred

  • If other co-workers were involved in the injury, whether physically present or operating the equipment that caused the injury

Making as detailed a statement as possible can help your lawyer better understand the circumstances around your case, and can help you work towards the maximum possible compensation for your injuries.

What Can I Do If I Am Injured On A Construction Site, But Am Not A Worker?

Construction sites can be equally dangerous for the workers as they are for visitors and passers-by. Whether you were visiting the site as a non-worker or you were just in the area when the accident occurred, you are still covered by the same injury laws that protect workers. Contact Scott Goodwin Law P.C. with the details of your construction site injury, no matter what your relationship was to the construction site, and we’ll help you fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.