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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Accidents can be alarming and often traumatic events. Factor in one or more persons on a motorcycle and the results can be catastrophic. In the event of a motorcycle accident it is important to remain calm and proceed with the following directions. The more information you are able to obtain, the more likely you will have a positive result when filing an insurance claim.

  • Relocate all persons to a safe place preventing any further accidents
  • Dial 911 and wait for an emergency response team
  • Gather personal information from all those involved
  • Identify witnesses
  • Take notes and pictures of the accident site
  • Notify insurance company

Relocate Persons

The last thing you want to do in the event of an accident is cause any further accidents. If you are not in need of immediate medical attention, move everyone you can to a point of safety using your best judgment. Do not attempt to move a victim forcibly if their injuries prevent relocation.

Call 911 and the Police

Once situated in a safe place, dial 911 immediately for an emergency response team to be dispatched. Remember that not all injuries are visible. Victims commonly experience internal injuries while in shock from a traumatic event, often masking the symptoms. Do not assume that everyone is all right based on appearances.

Gather Information

Be thorough in gathering information for all persons involved in the accident. This includes driver’s license, vehicle registration, insurance provider and policy number, as well as license plate numbers.

Identify Witnesses

Gather the personal information of any witnesses to the motorcycle accident. In addition, secure written statements detailing everything they observed.

Notes and Pictures

Be assertive in gathering information. Details can be forgotten or mixed up the longer you wait to recall what happened. Take pictures of the motorcycle accident site. Be mindful of the aspects which will be altered or disappear once response teams arrive. Write down the details leading up to, and ultimately resulting in, the motorcycle accident. Note the weather and road conditions, location of the accident, and the positioning of vehicles.

Making Statements

The accident should only be discussed with the police assigned to investigate the scene. Never admit liability, even when speaking to the officer. Stick to the facts and let the investigative team do their work.

Remember to get the officer’s business card and incident number for obtaining copies of all accident-related reports.

Do not resist if you are arrested and taken into custody. Refrain from giving any statements until you have contacted a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer who will direct you on the appropriate actions to take.

Notify Insurance Company

After speaking with an attorney, contact your insurance company. They hold the right to deny your accident claim if too long of a period has passed so notify them in a timely fashion. Be sure to document the notification.