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Michigan Misdiagnosis Lawyer


We go to the doctor because we want to know what’s wrong with us when we are sick, so we can start the process of becoming healthy once again. Diagnosis of the problem is the first step to fixing anything. But what happens when someone we trust leads us astray? And what if this has consequences for our health and wellbeing? Sometimes doctors and healthcare professionals can make mistakes when determining what is wrong with us, or they don’t perform tests and procedures in a timely manner that could have saved us undue suffering. Often those mistakes can be life threatening or have grave consequences for our health.

If you have been harmed because of a doctor’s or health care professional’s misdiagnosis, you are not alone, and you may be entitled to a settlement or financial compensation. Let our lawyers fight for you. Don’t try to take on the doctors and insurance companies by yourself. We have the resources, skill and experience to get you the justice you deserve.  Our attorneys will investigate any medical malpractice, wrongful death or wrong misdiagnosis case with no charge or legal fees unless and until we win money for you. Remember, at Goodwin & Scieszka we fight for you.