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In a recent 22-13 vote, the Michigan Senate has approved a bill banning breed-specific dog regulations. This bill, Senate Bill 741, states that local governments are not allowed to enact or enforce ordinances, policies, resolutions, or rules that regulate dogs based on its breed or perceived breed. However, this bill still allows local governments which

Without a doubt, Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law is one of the most unique — and controversial — laws in the state. If you’re severely injured in a car accident, the benefits you can receive under the Michigan no-fault law are absolutely priceless. But others see the law as being the reason for the fact

As the water crisis in Flint continues, millions of people in the state of Michigan and across the country are demanding answers about how something like this could have happened and what could have been done to stop it. A big way to get answers to those questions would involve finding out exactly what Governor

Over the past few years, members of Michigan legislature have been considering the idea of making some changes to speed limits on some of the state’s roads. All of those recent efforts never ended up going anywhere, but a recent package of bills with the same purpose did gain a little bit of traction early

With national outrage still going strong over the water crisis in Flint, one thing millions of people want to know is what’s going to be done to help those who have been injured by drinking the city’s lead-contaminated water. Tens of thousands of Flint residents were stuck with drinking water that contained dangerous levels of

New Michigan Laws for 2016

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 by

A new year always means new changes. While people all over the world are busy making resolutions to improve their lives, it’s also a time when many new laws start to take effect. When it comes to Michigan law, 2016 is no exception. The year’s just getting started and there are already new changes to

The Supreme Court recently continued a frightening trend relating to consumer affairs, showing a willingness to allow companies to use “forced arbitration” clauses to stave off consumer claims and limit the rights of consumers to take meaningful legal action to protect themselves. Forced arbitration clauses are found in many consumer contracts and generally force consumers

Despite moving very quickly through the Michigan Senate, a bill proposing changes to Michigan’s no-fault insurance law hasn’t made any progress since it made its way to the Michigan House of Representatives in April 2014. The bill in question, SB 248, has been met with a great deal of outrage from hospitals, accident victims, and

The Michigan House Insurance Committee has approved a modified version of a bill reforming Michigan’s no-fault insurance law that was recently passed by the Michigan Senate. Although this bill has made more progress than other recent attempts to reform Michigan’s no-fault law, it is still being met with a great deal of controversy. Under Michigan’s

On April 16, 2015, Michigan Senators approved a new bill that would make changes to Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law. Under Michigan no-fault law, as it currently stands, all drivers are required to purchase auto insurance and each driver pays an annual fee of $186 per vehicle, which goes to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association