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The Michigan House Insurance Committee has approved a modified version of a bill reforming Michigan’s no-fault insurance law that was recently passed by the Michigan Senate. Although this bill has made more progress than other recent attempts to reform Michigan’s no-fault law, it is still being met with a great deal of controversy. Under Michigan’s

On April 16, 2015, Michigan Senators approved a new bill that would make changes to Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law. Under Michigan no-fault law, as it currently stands, all drivers are required to purchase auto insurance and each driver pays an annual fee of $186 per vehicle, which goes to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association

Senators Ed Markey (Massachusetts) and Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) have introduced a new bill, called the Repairing Every Car to Avoid Lost Lives (RECALL) Act, which would require the agency in charge of registering vehicles (DMV, Secretary of State office, etc.) to send car owners notices of any open recalls on their vehicles when they send

Michigan legislators have introduced bills that would permanently revoke the medical licenses of doctors found to be intentionally breaking the law. The legislation was introduced in response to the case of cancer specialist Farid Fata. Last month, Fata pleaded guilty to 13 counts of healthcare fraud. Fata would knowingly misdiagnose patients and order medically unnecessary

A new bill proposed in the senate would make it easier to bring home your road kill, and, well, eat it or do whatever you want with the dead animal. If you’re driving along and hit a deer, then why shouldn’t you be able to take it? It’s likely caused injury to your car, and