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Lawbreaking Doctors Could Have Medical License Revoked Under Proposed Bill

by / Wednesday, 15 October 2014 / Published in Legal News, Medical Malpractice, Michigan Law
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Michigan legislators have introduced bills that would permanently revoke the medical licenses of doctors found to be intentionally breaking the law. The legislation was introduced in response to the case of cancer specialist Farid Fata. Last month, Fata pleaded guilty to 13 counts of healthcare fraud. Fata would knowingly misdiagnose patients and order medically unnecessary chemotherapy and other blood treatments for financial gain.

Under the current Michigan law, Fata’s medical license would be suspended from 3-5 years before being able to practice again; only doctors found guilty of rape can permanently lose their licenses. If the proposed bills are signed into law, doctors who knowingly break the law could have their medical licenses revoked permanently. The bills were introduced by state representatives Jeff Farrington, Pat Somerville, Klint Kesto, and Peter Pettalia.

“This is all about protecting patients from physicians who are knowingly breaking the law,” Farrington said. “As we have seen, a physician can take advantage of our healthcare system to commit fraud and at the same time exploit patients who are vulnerable. I wish we didn’t need legislation like this, but unfortunately, we do. We must protect patients from being mistreated for personal gain.”

On Sept. 30, four people testified before the state House Health Policy Committee in favor of passing the bills, among them were some of Fata’s former patients and family members of patients who died after receiving treatment from Fata. Michelle Mannarino, whose mother died after spending a year in Fata’s care, told legislators, “She never stood a chance in this battle, as she was being poisoned and tortured for personal greed.”

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