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An angry dog pushes away at a person's hands.

When you decide to welcome a new pet into the family, visiting a local animal shelter or rescue organization can be a wonderful idea. For many families, a shelter or rescue dog has gone on to become a very beloved part of their households.  However, it’s extremely important to remember one key thing: any dog

A happy dog holds a leash in its mouth.

Dogs can bite and attack for many different reasons, but there’s one crucial thing to remember:  pet owners have the most power to prevent them from happening. And a big part of that is making sure the dog is properly restrained and contained. This can mean making sure you have adequate fencing for your backyard

A woman tries training a dog in her yard.

Dogs can bite for a wide range of reasons. Even a dog that’s typically happy and friendly might bite if they feel fearful or nervous about a situation or if someone is bothering them when they don’t feel well. Dogs who are taking care of puppies can also attack if they feel like someone or

A collie dog lays on the floor of an office near a group of people around a table.

While dog owners, generally speaking, adore their pets and consider them to be part of the family, some of them are very attached to their dogs and frequently bring them along when they leave the house, such as while running errands or going to the office.  Many companies have been adopting pet-friendly policies in recent

Young boy lays on the grass next to a dog.

Young kids often get very excited about dogs, whether it’s seeing a family pet, going to visit a family member’s pet, or getting to see a dog they don’t know being walked around the neighborhood. But as exciting as dogs can be, it’s extremely important for parents and other caretakers to be very careful about

A close-up of a dog's eye.

When you’re interacting with another person, their eyes can tell you a lot about how they feel and what they’re thinking. You might be able to tell that a person feels nervous, uncomfortable, happy, or relaxed just by looking at their eyes. The same can be said of dogs.  Since dogs don’t verbally communicate with

An excited dog jumps on a child.

People love their pets which can make it hard for them to accept that those pets can potentially injure other people. But accepting this fact is an important step in pet ownership because responsible pet owners will try to do everything possible to prevent those injuries from ever happening. If you mention dog-related injuries, the

Two dogs on leashes sniff their faces while meeting.

Welcoming a new dog to your household can be a very exciting time, but there’s also a chance it might not be an easy adjustment — especially if you already have a dog in your home. Dogs can bite for many different reasons, but stress/anxiety is one of the most common. In an ideal situation,

Man working to train a group of four dogs.

Dogs can bite or attack for many different reasons, such as not feeling well, feeling afraid, or because they’re taking care of puppies, just to name a few. Regardless of why a dog might bite, there’s one underlying fact that all dog owners need to be aware of: they’re the ones with the most power

Dog walker holding the handle of a retractable leash.

When you own a dog, a good leash is essential. In the state of Michigan, there is a statewide leash law which states that, with few exceptions, it is unlawful for a dog’s owner to allow a dog off their property unless it is properly leashed. Some cities have additional leash ordinances which can apply