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Burger and fries on a wood platter.

It can be surprisingly easy to get injured in a fast food restaurant. While employees can be at risk for things like cuts and burn injuries, falls are something that can affect both employees and customers. With so many people coming in and out of the restaurant throughout the day, snow and rain can get

Electric bike on a sidewalk.

get around, or just for fun. But for many people, riding an e-bike instead of a traditional bike can be an even better option. For example, e-bikes are often easier to use for those who have physical limitations that make traditional bikes difficult to use. E-bikes can also make it possible to get around faster

Backyard deck with sofa and picnic table.

During the spring and summer, spending time on your deck can be a wonderful way to enjoy the warmer weather. Whether you’re using your deck to visit with friends and neighbors or to simply relax with a book, people don’t generally think of their decks as an unsafe place to be. However, as is the

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Being injured in an accident of any kind can impact a person’s life in many different ways. Not only do they have their initial medical expenses to deal with, they might need long-term care and rehabilitation. They could also need to take time off from work during recovery, need to hire somebody to help them

Statue of the scales of justice.

Negligence is an important part of any personal injury case, whether it’s a car accident, medical malpractice, a dog bite, or a slip and fall. However, there are different types of negligence that could be involved in a case, like comparative negligence.  Comparative negligence is a concept where fault for an accident is divided between

A row of treadmills facing a window with a man running on one of them.

For millions of people, going to the gym, fitness center, or health club is part of their regular routine. But whether you hit the gym multiple times per week or only go every once in a while, you likely know that there can be a lot of ways to get hurt while working out, especially

Scales of justice statue in front of a bookshelf.

Personal injury lawsuits can be made against a wide range of parties. Often, they’re filed against a specific person, but they also often involve businesses and other organizations. In some cases, they might even involve the government, whether it’s at the state, local, or federal level. For instance, this might happen if a child is

People sitting on a bus.

Bus crashes aren’t the only way people can get injured on public transportation. There’s also a high risk of passenger falls because buses and streetcars are often full of slip and trip hazards. Given how many people use public transportation on a given day, it’s very easy for snow and rain to get tracked on

When it comes to personal injury cases, one thing that can be very important to understand is the concept of a “duty of care.” This can come up in a wide range of personal injury cases, including slip and falls, dog attacks, workplace accidents, defective product injuries, medical malpractice, and motor vehicle accidents. So, what

Produce in a grocery store.

For millions of people, delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Instacart are a regular part of their lives. Not only do these services make it convenient to get groceries and food from local restaurants delivered, they give people a chance to earn extra cash by making these deliveries. But while working for these types