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Workplace accidents can easily happen at any time of year. However, there is some data that shows fatal workplace accidents tend to occur more frequently during the summer months. In 2022, Safety & Health Magazine reported that August is the month with the highest rate of fatal workplace injuries, followed by July, May, and June.

A computer monitor placed on an office desk in front of a white wall.

When people think about on-the-job injuries, occupational illnesses, and workers compensation claims, they often think of jobs that are known for being inherently risky and dangerous. They might imagine accidents like a construction worker falling off of a roof, a factory employee getting their hand caught in a machine, or experiencing hearing loss over time

View of a hair stylist's hands as they work on a customer's hair.

Working as a hairstylist can be a very challenging career. Not only do you need to have a lot of strong technical skills and people skills, there are a lot of safety issues in the workplace to consider. There is a very good chance that salon employees will experience at least one work-related injury over

Workplace injury claim form on a table next to a calculator.

If you’re injured on the job, making a claim for workers compensation benefits is, most likely, going to be your only option to recover damages like medical bills and lost income. But when you have the workers compensation process in place, do you need to work with a lawyer to handle your claim? In some

A row of medical professionals standing with folded arms.

Whether you’re a patient in a hospital, getting a checkup in a clinic, or receiving in-home care, nurses provide critical services. Working as a nurse can be an extremely rewarding career and it’s a job that’s in high demand. But as rewarding as it can be to know you’re making a difference in the lives

A tired looking nurse looks out of a window.

Sometimes, a person’s work day might be longer than expected. They might be asked to work some extra hours to help the company deal with a busy time or take on extra shifts because of staffing issues. While the bigger paychecks that come with working overtime can be nice to have, it’s important to remember

A worker wearing hard hat, ear protection, and orange vest holds an orange flag.

For many people, noise in the workplace can be nothing more than an annoyance. But for people who work in certain industries, noise can be a genuine occupational hazard. According to the CDC, about $242 million is spent on workers compensation benefits for hearing loss disabilities each year, with approximately 22 million US workers exposed

Tree trimmer in a tree cutting a branch.

Many types of yard care projects are safe and easy for homeowners to do by themselves. However, tree trimming is one that is very often best left to professionals.  While tree trimming is important for many different reasons, from general tree health and aesthetics to preventing safety hazards, there are many risks involved with the

A bolt of lightning in the sky above a city.

A person being struck by a bolt of lightning is a rare event, whether it happens while out on the golf course, in your own backyard, or at work. According to the National Weather Service, the odds of a person being struck by lightning in a given year are about 1 in 1,220,000 and over

Valves in a factory.

Sometimes, safety hazards in the workplace are easy to spot just by looking around the space. For example, a person could walk into a workplace and see sharp cutting tools sitting on a counter, an electrical cord stretched across an aisle, or forklifts moving throughout a warehouse and reasonably expect there to be dangers associated