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A worker wearing hard hat, ear protection, and orange vest holds an orange flag.

For many people, noise in the workplace can be nothing more than an annoyance. But for people who work in certain industries, noise can be a genuine occupational hazard. According to the CDC, about $242 million is spent on workers compensation benefits for hearing loss disabilities each year, with approximately 22 million US workers exposed

Tree trimmer in a tree cutting a branch.

Many types of yard care projects are safe and easy for homeowners to do by themselves. However, tree trimming is one that is very often best left to professionals.  While tree trimming is important for many different reasons, from general tree health and aesthetics to preventing safety hazards, there are many risks involved with the

A bolt of lightning in the sky above a city.

A person being struck by a bolt of lightning is a rare event, whether it happens while out on the golf course, in your own backyard, or at work. According to the National Weather Service, the odds of a person being struck by lightning in a given year are about 1 in 1,220,000 and over

Valves in a factory.

Sometimes, safety hazards in the workplace are easy to spot just by looking around the space. For example, a person could walk into a workplace and see sharp cutting tools sitting on a counter, an electrical cord stretched across an aisle, or forklifts moving throughout a warehouse and reasonably expect there to be dangers associated

A worker wearing an orange hard hat holds his head in his hands.

Employers have a responsibility to provide a work environment that is reasonably safe for their employees to work in. While many types of workplaces can have inherent risks, it’s important that steps be taken to make sure they aren’t unnecessarily dangerous. For example, if a job regularly requires employees to be working on ladders, fall

Common Bus Driver Injuries

Wednesday, 10 August 2022 by
Hands on the steering wheel of a bus.

Whether they’re helping children get to school each day, helping people get to and from work, or helping people travel throughout the country, bus drivers play a very important role in society. But being a bus driver can be very challenging. Not just because of things like needing to interact with passengers or trying to

Black and white photo of a food truck with two people standing in front of it.

Food trucks have become more popular than ever before. They can make a great addition to festivals, concerts, sporting events, weddings, and a wide range of other events. A gathering of food trucks can even be an event unto itself. People love being able to try food from different establishments and it can be great

Angry man in a suit yells at an intimidated woman.

Not all workplace injuries are the result of things like falls or incidents with powerful machinery. It’s estimated that about two million workers in the United States report being victims of on-the-job violence each year and about 400 people are the victims of workplace homicides. Even if a person doesn’t directly experience violence on the

Dangerous Jobs for Teens

Wednesday, 15 June 2022 by
A young woman works as a cashier.

Once the school year draws to a close, kids are left with a lot of spare time. For teenagers, summer vacation can be a great opportunity to earn some money by working a summer job. Summer jobs can have a lot of benefits for teens beyond letting them earn money, such as helping them learn

A syringe is held by a hand with a blue glove.

There’s no question that home healthcare workers provide vital support for those who are elderly, disabled, or are recovering from medical procedures at home. And with a rapidly aging population, home healthcare is a career field expected to grow in upcoming years. But as important as the work they do is, home healthcare comes with