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Common Causes of Scaffolding Accidents

by / Wednesday, 13 March 2024 / Published in Workplace Woes
Low angle view looking up at scaffolding on a building.

For those who work in construction, building maintenance, or home improvement, scaffolding can be something they commonly need to use. Scaffolding is supposed to provide support for workers who need to work at a height so that they can do their jobs safely. However, if that scaffolding isn’t properly used or constructed, it can be very easy for workers to get hurt on the job. Working at an elevated height is something that inherently comes with a lot of safety risks and improper scaffolding use can potentially add to them. Here are some of the most common types of accidents that can occur:

Falling Objects

Scaffolding not only provides support for workers, it helps support the tools and materials they need to work with. Protection should be provided to protect workers from being struck by objects that may accidentally be dropped by other workers, such as tools, and other debris that might fall during the construction process. Falling object protection can include hard hats, canopies, debris nets, and toe boards.

Inadequate Training & Safety Equipment

Not only do workers need proper fall protection measures available, they need to be trained in how to use them correctly. Common types of fall protection equipment include guard rails and fall arrest systems. Since falls are an extremely common cause of injuries on construction sites, it’s very important that fall protection gear be regularly inspected and taken out of use if signs of damage are found. 

Inclement Weather

Weather conditions can be a very significant safety risk for anyone who frequently needs to work outside, especially if they need to work on scaffolding. High winds can potentially damage the scaffolding while rain and snow can make the scaffolding too slippery for people to safely work on. 

Defective Scaffolding & Improper Construction

It’s absolutely critical that scaffolding be constructed correctly by someone experienced in scaffolding construction to make sure it’s structurally sound for people to use, won’t be overloaded, and that safety equipment is securely in place. Or if the scaffolding materials are defectively manufactured, it can lead to dangerous component failure. 

Not Addressing Electrical Hazards

The risk of electrocution is another very common safety issue for those who work on scaffolding. Since working at a height can mean that workers could come close to overhead power lines, it’s very important to make sure scaffolding is constructed to keep a safe distance between workers and utility lines. 

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