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The numbers are tragic: estimates are that 3,000 young children have reportedly been abused in Genesee County, Michigan. Just within the last 3 years, abusive parents have killed at least 21 children. I found this story online and felt compelled to inform our audience. Child abuse is on the rise in this country. While this

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So long as you don’t fall within any of Michigan’s seatbelt exemptions, you must wear your seatbelt. Why? Because it’s the law. Here are the very, very narrow circumstances in which you don’t have to wear a seatbelt: Sec. 710e. (1) This section does not apply to an operator or passenger of any of the

Defective Products in Michigan

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First, let’s ask, what is a defective product? A defective product is a product that does not function according to its intended purpose because of a design or manufacturing flaw. A defective product can also be caused by a manufacturer’s failure to adequately label the product. A manufacturing flaw occurs when, for example, a bad