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A chalkboard with 'Back to School' written on it.

School is back in session and for many parents, dropping their kids off at school and picking them up is part of their daily routine. Not everybody is able to take a bus to school and walking isn’t always an ideal option, either. Sometimes, the walk would be too far, children would have to cross

A woman who looks stressed sits on the ground next to a car.

After being involved in a car accident, it’s very common for people to feel anxious about driving again or maybe even about riding in a car again as a passenger. Or, in some cases, a person might have anxiety about driving in certain situations, such as driving at night or in snowy conditions if their

Brown and white sign indicating a boat ramp.

The first step toward a fun and relaxing day on the water is getting your boat in the water. But launching a boat isn’t always a fun and relaxing process. Trying to back a vehicle up with a trailer attached is tricky enough, but then there’s the added pressure of trying to get your boat

Over the past couple of years, demand for RVs and towable travel trailers has grown. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have recently purchased travel trailers as a way to get out of the house and have some fun without having to spend time in spaces shared with strangers, such as hotels or airplanes.

A car tries to tow another car that is stuck in the mud.

Seasonal transitions can cause a lot of difficulties for Michigan drivers. Freeze/thaw cycles cause potholes that wreak havoc on the roads. Sometimes, temperatures can drop low enough in the spring or fall to cause icy spots on the road. The weather in general can be very unpredictable and the changes in daylight related to daylight

Close-up of a car tire on a snowy road.

Michigan drivers have a lot to deal with while driving in the winter. Not only are there the general challenges of driving safely when roads are snowy/icy and having to navigate the potholes that come with freeze/thaw cycles, there’s the hassle of having to keep snow and ice cleared off of cars.  We get it

A person uses a steering wheel while driving.

Cruise control has long been a feature on cars. After being invented in 1948, it started being used on cars in the late 1950s and through the 1960s, and continued growing in popularity throughout the 1970s. Over time, cruise control has evolved to become more advanced than ever. In addition to helping drivers maintain a

Car driving in very snowy conditions.

Getting stuck in the snow is an all too common problem drivers here in Michigan face during the winter. In some cases, it happens when someone tries to move a car that had been parked outside during a heavy snowfall. Other times, it might happen when someone drives on a road covered more deeply in

A smiling older worker holding a power tool.

There are many reasons why people might start working again after retirement or to delay their retirement. Sometimes, they need the extra money. But in other cases, people might decide to resume working for the social connection and personal fulfillment it provides or to assist a former employer. Regardless of why someone might resume or

A happy dog holds a leash in its mouth.

Dogs can bite and attack for many different reasons, but there’s one crucial thing to remember:  pet owners have the most power to prevent them from happening. And a big part of that is making sure the dog is properly restrained and contained. This can mean making sure you have adequate fencing for your backyard