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General Motors Recall: A True Defective Product

by / Thursday, 03 April 2014 / Published in Defective Products, Legal News

General Motors installed defective ignition switches in over 2.6 million of its cars. Wondering how much an ignition switch even costs? Just more than half of a dollar: 57 cents. Don’t let the small price of the problem fool you, this is a serious recall; there have already been 13 deaths on account of the defective ignition switch.
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The million dollar question is when, if, and who knew about the defect.

According to Mary Barra, GM’s new chief executive, while testifying on capital hill: “I cannot tell you why it took years for [the] safety defect to be announced.”

There are going to be numerous lawsuits from this. Another major problem is that the recall started before GM declared bankruptcy, and there’s even the potential that new GM is not going to be liable for some of these claims.

This is a prime example of a defective product.

Remember that you may have a defective product liability claim if you have been injured by an unsafe product. There are three ways that products can be defective or dangerous: a defect in design, a manufacturing defect or inadequate instructions or warnings.

Too often people are harmed or debilitated by products that are defective, unsafe and present an “unreasonable danger“ to the public.

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