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When dogs bite, one of the biggest questions victims have on their mind is “Why did this happen?” Owners of the dog involved often find themselves wondering the same thing. No dog owner ever wants to think that their beloved pet could seriously hurt someone, but every year, hundreds of thousands of people need medical

Maybe you’ve spotted one at a busy intersection you have to drive through to get to work. Maybe you’ve even fallen victim to its all-seeing eye, getting mailed a ticket for being a little cavalier with that last yellow light. However you look at it, one thing is clear: these days, increasing numbers of traffic

Oxygen deprivation is always something to take seriously. Just a few minutes without enough oxygen has the potential to cause serious injuries that have a significant impact on a person’s life.   Hypoxia is a condition which occurs when the body or part of a body doesn’t receive enough oxygen. Hypoxemia is a related condition

When you need to find a lawyer, it can be hard to know where to begin. There are a lot of lawyers out there and finding one who is not only trustworthy, but also has a good professional reputation and a strong track record in handling cases like yours can be very overwhelming. Best Lawyers

When you love your dog, the last thing you ever want is to see them hurt or in danger. So if you see your beloved dog getting into a fight with another dog, your first instinct may be to try and break up the fight as quickly as possible. But if you’ve never been in

If you’ve ever spent any significant time driving, you’ve likely been frustrated by another driver who doesn’t seem to understand how to use their turn signals. Maybe you’ve had to slam on your brakes after someone tried to merge into your lane without signalling first. Or maybe you’ve been behind another driver who has had

Antidepressants are one of the most common types of prescription medications around. It’s estimated that 13% of Americans take antidepressants and for those who need take them, that medication is a very important part of their lives. But when a woman becomes pregnant, it’s important to evaluate any medications she’s taking to make sure they’re

During the summer months, few things are better than taking a trip to the ballpark to cheer on your favorite baseball team. When you have seats close to the action, you have a great view to see all your favorite players in action, but there’s also a chance that you could get hurt. Lots of

The umbilical cord is responsible for making sure an unborn child receives the oxygen and nutrients it needs to grow and develop. But if there are complications with the umbilical cord during labor and delivery, the child can potentially lose oxygen. Umbilical Cord Prolapse In some cases, the umbilical cord enters the birth canal before

Not all injuries involve physical harm. When someone knowingly makes false statements about another person with the intent to do harm, that can potentially have serious consequences. Certain types of accusations can potentially damage a person’s reputation to the extent that they get fired from a job, have a difficult time finding work, or make