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Cars driving at dusk with headlights on.

Even if a person spends more time out on the road for work than they do in a fixed space like a traditional office, that doesn’t necessarily mean that workplace safety isn’t a problem. Working away from an office can come with some unique safety factors that people might not encounter when working in a

X-rays showing a brain.

When people are injured in car accidents, it doesn’t necessarily mean they get out of their car bleeding from cuts, with visible bruises, or with other types of obvious injuries like broken bones. Not only are many types of common car accident injuries invisible, they can take time to become evident. In the time immediately

A baby cries while laying down.

Being born is a very difficult process, both for the mother and for the baby. Given how delicate a baby’s body can be, particularly if it’s born prematurely, it’s easy for them to get hurt in the process. If delivery becomes prolonged or complicated, the more likely it becomes that injuries can occur, such as

A group of healthcare workers stand with folded arms.

Working in healthcare can be very difficult. Not only is the work itself very challenging, there’s also the fact that healthcare employees can face many safety hazards on the job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ten occupations accounted for 38.3% of all workplace injuries and illnesses among private industry employees in 2020

A car tries to tow another car that is stuck in the mud.

Seasonal transitions can cause a lot of difficulties for Michigan drivers. Freeze/thaw cycles cause potholes that wreak havoc on the roads. Sometimes, temperatures can drop low enough in the spring or fall to cause icy spots on the road. The weather in general can be very unpredictable and the changes in daylight related to daylight

Overhead view of a mother holding a newborn baby.

When an expectant mother tries to find the right doctor to work with throughout their pregnancy, they often do so thinking about what they want from their OB/GYN in the delivery room. For example, if a person has something specific they want in a birthing plan, they’ll want to look for an OB/GYN who will

Work injury claim form on a desk.

Workplace accidents can have a devastating effect on a person and the situation can become even more difficult if an employer is trying to dispute the severity of your injuries. Perhaps they want to make it seem like your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim to be or that the effects of your injuries

A car key with key chain next to a pen on top of an insurance claim form.

Sometimes, borrowing a car from a friend or family member might be the simplest solution to a problem. For example, maybe someone needs to run an errand while their own car is in the shop for the day and a friend offers them use of a car that’s not being used anyway. Renting a car

The top of a baby's head is seen while being held on its mother's lap.

In the time immediately following childbirth, it’s extremely normal for mothers to experience some degree of bleeding. This natural type of bleeding, known as lochia, typically lasts for 24-36 days, but it has been known to last upwards of 6 weeks. On average, women lose approximately one quart of blood following a C-section and half

Construction workers work on a roof.

Training can provide a wide range of benefits for a company, such as improved employee retention and improved performance and productivity. But one of the biggest benefits of training is that it can help create a safer work environment. Many types of workplaces have very serious safety hazards that employees need to be trained on.