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Over the years, births by cesarean section have become increasingly common. According to a report released by the CDC, 31.8% of all births in the United States in 2020 were through a C-section. In some cases, C-sections are planned, either due to the mother’s personal preferences or for reasons that were identified before labor began,

A car's side mirror seen while on a snowy road.

When the roads are covered with snow and ice, it’s important to have a car that is up to the challenge. Generally speaking, a rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicle isn’t the most ideal car for winter driving and the reason for this is because of the way the vehicle is designed. RWD cars have the engine’s

What is Premises Liability?

Tuesday, 03 January 2023 by
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If you’ve been injured in an accident, one concept that might apply to your case is premises liability. Premises liability is a legal concept that applies to certain types of accidents where the owner/tenant of a property was negligent in showing reasonable care and maintenance of their property. When property owners and tenants fail to

A worker wearing hard hat, ear protection, and orange vest holds an orange flag.

For many people, noise in the workplace can be nothing more than an annoyance. But for people who work in certain industries, noise can be a genuine occupational hazard. According to the CDC, about $242 million is spent on workers compensation benefits for hearing loss disabilities each year, with approximately 22 million US workers exposed

Overhead view of a mother holding a newborn baby.

While planned cesarean deliveries have become more common in recent years, there are some cases where a mother-to-be intends to have a natural delivery, but ends up needing to have a C-section instead. Sometimes, a doctor may detect a situation that would make a natural delivery too risky, such as if the baby is in

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When people hear the words “defective product,” they may simply think of a product that is broken or otherwise doesn’t work. However, defective products can be a bit more complex than that. If a person is injured by a defective product, it’s important to understand that there are actually three different ways a product may

The side mirror of a car being driven on a snowy road.

We’ve come a long way in terms of improving the safety of cars. It wasn’t all that long ago that backup cameras were considered a new, cutting edge feature, and now they’re standard on new vehicles.  Plus new cars often come with several other advanced safety features, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), forward collision

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Having an appropriate amount of amniotic fluid is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. It helps support fetal growth, cushions the baby, and prevents the umbilical cord from becoming compressed. In some cases, typically in the third trimester or when a baby is overdue, an expectant mother might develop a condition known as oligohydramnios,

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Just because it’s starting to get dark outside or it’s a bit foggy out, that doesn’t necessarily mean people won’t be out walking or working near the road. For many people, they might only be able to get their daily jog in early in the morning or in the evening. Or if walking is part

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It’s that time of the year again: the holidays are just around the corner and people are thinking about what gifts to give to the special people in their lives. For many people, that includes young children – whether it’s their own kids or their grandchildren, their nieces and nephews, or the children of their