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One of the most unfortunate realities of being a driver is the fact that you can be the most cautious driver in the world, but if another driver has a lapse of judgement, you can still become the victim of a car accident and those accidents aren’t always minor fender-benders. Millions of people are injured

When people buy products, they do so under the impression that they won’t be injured by using the product as directed. It’s always upsetting when a defective product ends up causing serious injury, but it’s even more frightening when those injuries happen to infants and young children. New parents often go out of their way

Without a doubt, dogs are one of the most popular types of pets in America. In 2015, it was estimated that there were about 70 million dogs in the United States. With so many dogs around, it comes as no surprise that dog bites are extremely common. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over

Home is supposed to be a place where people feel safe. Even when not in your own home, people don’t generally feel in danger when visiting the homes of their friends or family members. But every year, millions of people are hospitalized as a result of falls and many of those falls occur in homes.

The biggest wish every expectant parent has for their new child is that they be born healthy. So if a parent notices their baby holding their head in one direction and having difficulty moving their head, it can be very alarming. If this is the case, your child may have torticollis. Also known as “wryneck,”

When you’re running late, one of the last things you want to see is that your car is covered with snow. Having to take the time to clear your car of snow and ice before heading anywhere is definitely one of the most annoying parts of Michigan winters, especially if you don’t have covered parking

The winter months can be treacherous for many reasons. Not only can Michigan get bitterly cold, the snow and ice increases the risk of being injured in a slip and fall accident. Truly anyone can become a slip and fall victim, especially when a reduced amount of daylight makes it harder to see patches of

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year for everyone and that includes pets. While your dog might not have to deal with things like holiday shopping, they can be stressed out by friends or family who stop by to spend the holidays with you, whether it’s for a quick visit to drop

There’s no place like home for the holidays and for millions of people in the United States, that means having to take a road trip so they can spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with their loved ones. For Thanksgiving 2018, AAA estimated that 48.5 million people would be driving at least 50 miles to their destination

Even with all the medical progress that has been made to help make giving birth safer, it’s still very easy for deliveries to become complicated and one common reason is because of breech deliveries. Breech births occur in about 1 in 25 full-term births and the reasons why breech births occur often aren’t well understood.