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A doctor uses a device to check a patient's blood pressure on their arm.

Preeclampsia is a very well-known type of maternal health complication that typically occurs between the halfway point of pregnancy and the latter stages of pregnancy. It occurs when the mother’s blood pressure becomes dangerously elevated, posing risks to both the mother and child if it is not properly managed. According to the Cleveland Clinic, preeclampsia

Burger and fries.

With the end of the school year just around the corner, many teens have summer jobs on their minds. And for many of those teens, that might mean filling out an application at a local fast food restaurant. While fast food is a very common place for teens to work, it’s very important to remember

Cars parked along both sides of a street.

For many people, one of the most nerve-wracking parts of taking the road test to get their driver’s license is having to parallel park. Even for people who have years of experience behind the wheel, trying to parallel park can still make drivers very nervous. Not only is it a difficult driving maneuver, there’s the

A pregnant woman holds her stomach while having a conversation with a doctor.

Staying healthy during pregnancy is a top priority for any expectant mother. So when a mother develops an infection during pregnancy, or has one when she discovers her pregnancy, it’s extremely important for their doctor to take appropriate measures to protect both the mother and the baby. In some cases, even an infection that would

Modern office space.

When you think of all the possible safety hazards that may exist in a workplace, a chair might not be one of the first things that comes to mind. And we’re not even talking about the negative health effects that can come with spending too much time sitting during the workday or ergonomic injuries that

Airbag deployed from a steering wheel with a crash test dummy behind the wheel.

Airbags have been a standard safety feature on cars since the late 1990s, but they’ve been saving lives for longer than that. According to the NHTSA, frontal airbags saved 50,457 lives – enough people to fill a major league ballpark – between 1987 and 2017. Airbags work to prevent vehicle occupants from being injured in

Mother smiles at happy baby.

White coat hypertension is a term given to elevated blood pressure that occurs when an expectant mother is in a doctor’s office, in the presence of people wearing white coats, resulting in blood pressure levels being higher than they normally are when measured at home. Since medical appointments can be stressful, it’s long been thought

Not all types of workplace injuries are caused by sudden, traumatic events like falls or being caught in a piece of powerful equipment. It’s very common for occupational injuries to gradually develop over time. Ergonomic injuries/musculoskeletal disorders are a prime example of a type of injury that can develop over time.  A musculoskeletal disorder is

Woman sits on the ground next to two crashed cars.

Fires are a rare (but not non-existent) occurrence during car accidents. However, a fire doesn’t necessarily need to occur for a person to develop a burn injury. In some cases, burns can be caused by coming into contact with a chemical, but they can also occur due to friction.  What Are Friction Burns? Friction burns

Mother holds a sleeping newborn.

Finding out that your newborn child has a birth defect is a deeply upsetting event. It’s only natural to have a lot of questions about your situation. You want to know about what you’ll need to do to care for the child. You want to know how it will affect your child’s life. And, very