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Birth is a very difficult process, both for the mother and the baby. This is true whether a delivery is quick and free of complications or is prolonged and difficult. When new parents see their baby for the first time, one thing they often don’t expect is to see their child covered in bruises. During

Insurance coverage can be very confusing to understand, but it’s also something all Michigan drivers need to deal with. Recently, a series of changes to Michigan’s no-fault insurance law started going into effect which made some significant updates to a law that had been in place since the 1970s. So, what do these changes mean

If you love fishing, Michigan is an excellent place to be. Between the great lakes and the many other lakes found throughout the state, there are many great places to cast your fishing line, whether you prefer to fish from a shoreline, by wading into the water, or by heading out on your boat. But

Mechanical problems are something that every driver inevitably deals with at one time or another. Unfortunately, they never seem to occur at convenient times. It would be nice if all mechanical problems could come up before you make it out of your garage or when you’re driving on side streets, where the speed limit is

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, there were two major driving-related trends that got a lot of attention: fewer people driving and an increase of car accident fatalities. Even though many people were driving less because of stay-at-home orders, the overall number of traffic fatalities did not decrease on a per-mile travel traveled basis compared to the

When babies are born, there’s a chance they may develop some type of medical condition in the time shortly following birth. The good news is that some of these conditions are minor issues that will either clear up on their own over time or can be treated easily without any serious long-term effects on the

Throughout the winter, drivers know to be careful when driving in snowy, icy conditions. But once the seasons change and the weather starts to warm up, people often forget that warm, sunny weather doesn’t necessarily lead to safer roads. According to the National Safety Council, fatal car accidents tend to increase throughout spring and summer

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a very strange year. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, countless people have been forced to change their plans and miss out on things that they normally count on as annual traditions, like summer vacations, 4th of July parties, and celebrations for other holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day,

For many teens, the summer months can mean many things, including a chance for them to take a driver’s training class or get experience behind the wheel. But once school is over for the year, that extra free time means the beginning of a risky time of year for teen drivers. The time between Memorial

For many drivers, GPS is a routine part of their driving habits, whether they’re just out running errands or taking a road trip. Very rarely do drivers reference paper maps when they need to figure out how to reach a destination. Instead, services like Google Maps, MapQuest, and Waze can instantly suggest a few different