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Newborns very often have at least one type of medical condition shortly after birth, such as jaundice. Jaundice is one of the most common types of health conditions that occurs in newborns, affecting about 60% of all newborns. Jaundice occurs when an infant has a high level of bilirubin in its bloodstream. If a baby’s

Kicking a smoking habit is a great way to lead a healthier lifestyle, but it’s definitely not an easy thing to do. In recent years, thousands of people looking to stop smoking, or at least cut back on it, have turned to e-cigarettes as a way to ease their way out of the habit. E-cigarettes

Brain injuries are not to be taken lightly at any age. But if an adult were to sustain a brain injury, the symptoms they’d show would likely be different from the ones shown by a newborn with a brain injury. For example, an adult with a brain injury might seem dazed, complain of a headache,

Dogs are one of the most common types of pets in America. In 2012, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation reported that 36.5% of American households owned a dog. That means over 43 million homes owned at least one dog. With so many dogs around, it comes as no surprise that lots of people are bitten

There are a lot of ways to get hurt on the job and no workplace is ever completely and totally free of hazards. Even if you work in a seemingly safe environment like an office, it’s still entirely possible to encounter at least one type of hazard at work. Naturally, the exact types of hazards

No matter how old you are, brain injuries are not to be taken lightly. But in the case of newborns, sustaining a brain injury during delivery can potentially impact the child’s mobility or their ability to grow and develop normally. In many cases, brain injuries that occur during delivery are the result of oxygen deprivation.

Winter is here and in Michigan, that means it’s time to make sure you’re ready and able to deal with the snow and ice winter brings. While homeowners have their shovels and snow blowers ready to go, it’s important for commercial property owners also have a plan to clear the snow and ice from their

No car owner in Michigan looks forward to having to clear the snow and ice from their cars before they hit the road. It’s not fun and when it’s terribly cold out, nobody wants to be outside longer than absolutely necessary. But take it from a car accident lawyer: getting rid of the snow and

During the process of giving birth, there are a lot of complications that can potentially arise and if they aren’t handled correctly, the child could be born with a birth injury. One of the most common types of birth injuries is Erb’s palsy, which impacts about 1-2 out of every 1,000 babies. Erb’s palsy is

Certain types of products come with inherent risks and dangers with their use. For example, most types of knives have blades that are sharp enough to cause injury if they’re used carelessly or incorrectly. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that these sorts of products can never be defective. All manufacturers have a responsibility to produce