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Learning how to drive can be a very exciting time for young people, but it can also be a very stressful experience. Trying to learn a new skill can be tough, but driving is a skill that’s a major responsibility. And for new drivers who fully understand the level of responsibility that driving involves can

All dogs can bite. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small dog, a big dog, or what breed a dog is. Even if a dog is typically very friendly, there are situations when even the most easy-going dog might lash out, attack someone, and cause serious injuries.   Dogs can bite for many different reasons,

Even under normal circumstances, people very commonly have a lot of questions about lawsuits. They aren’t something people deal with every day and it’s very easy to feel intimidated by all the legalities that apply to your particular situation. But when the coronavirus pandemic came to the United States and places were ordered to shut

Even though hospital births are by far the most common place for expectant mothers to give birth, they’re not the only option. Every year, about 1.6% of all births in the United States are home births and about 0.5% occur in freestanding birthing centers. Women who choose to give birth outside of a hospital have

The coronavirus pandemic is a very unusual time in history and it’s only natural to have questions about what’s currently going on in the world or what could potentially happen because of all of this later on. Every aspect of society has been affected by the coronavirus and that includes legal matters. The coronavirus hasn’t

Regardless of what’s going on in the world, staying safe on the road should always be a top priority for all drivers. After all, there really never is a “good” time for people to be getting into car crashes. People can very easily be seriously injured regardless of when they occur. With that in mind,

Finding out that your child has any type of birth trauma is very alarming, particularly when it’s an injury that impacts the child’s brain. Brain injuries have the potential to cause a wide range of problems and when they occur in children, they could be facing complications that last for the rest of their life.

Spring is officially here and as we start getting to enjoy some warmer weather and more daylight, it’s easy to think that there are fewer weather-related road hazards to worry about as you drive. But just because we’re less likely to be dealing with ice and snow at this point in the year, that doesn’t

Under the shelter-in-place order put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Michigan,  restrictions were placed on who can and cannot be legally obligated to report to work in person. While some types of workers who are considered non-essential have either been laid off, furloughed, or have been temporarily working remotely, those who

Right now, it’s more important than ever to put safety first in all aspects of our lives. Not only does everyone need to take the appropriate measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it’s essential that we do our best to prevent accidents that could potentially lead to serious injuries. With hospital resources being prioritized