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Safety Hazards for Beauty Salon Employees

by / Wednesday, 19 April 2023 / Published in Workplace Woes
View of a hair stylist's hands as they work on a customer's hair.

Working as a hairstylist can be a very challenging career. Not only do you need to have a lot of strong technical skills and people skills, there are a lot of safety issues in the workplace to consider. There is a very good chance that salon employees will experience at least one work-related injury over the course of their career. Here are some of the most common causes of occupational injuries and illnesses in stylists: 

Chemical Hazards

Salons use a wide range of products that can contain potentially harmful chemicals, including hair dyes, bleaching products, hair relaxers, perming solutions, nail polishes, and nail polish removers. Salons also need to be clean and sanitary, which can require a lot of cleaning products. 

Regardless of what a product is being used for, it’s important that it be used correctly, with appropriate safety measures being taken to minimize risks to both customers and employees. Over time, repeated and prolonged exposure to these types of chemical hazards can potentially harm salon workers and result in problems like respiratory issues and skin conditions. If any of those accidentally get into a person’s eye or mouth, that can also result in injury. Exposure to chemical hazards can be reduced by making sure the salon has proper ventilation and by providing employees with protective gear, such as gloves and face masks. 

Slip/Trip Fall Accidents

Between hair clippings on the floor, water getting splashed around while shampooing clients, and spilled styling products, it’s very easy for stylists to slip and fall on the job. In addition to those slip hazards, there’s also the risk of stylists tripping over cords for things like hair dryers and curling irons.

Because of this, it’s good for stylists and salon employees to wear shoes with soles that will reduce the risk of slipping. It’s also important to make sure any spills are cleaned up quickly and that Wet Floor signs are used to warn others if a spill hasn’t been cleaned up yet. Also, it’s important that tools that need to be plugged in are plugged in in a way that reduces the odds of someone tripping over the cord. 

Cuts & Burns

Many of the most commonly used tools of the trade for hair stylists either have sharp edges or are designed to heat up, making stylists susceptible to getting cut and burned on the job. Because of this, employers should make sure heated tools, and other electrical tools, are routinely checked to make sure they are in good working order. Tools like scissors and razors should also be disinfected regularly to reduce the risk of infection if a stylist or customer is accidentally cut. 

Musculoskeletal & Repetitive Stress Injuries

Working as a hairstylist can be very physically demanding. They spend many hours on their feet during the day, spend lots of time leaning over while washing the hair of customers, and can spend lots of time working in awkward positions to cut hair. Cutting hair can put a lot of strain on the muscles in hands and wrists, both as a repetitive movement and from being held in uncomfortable positions. These types of issues can potentially lead to problems like carpal tunnel syndrome over time. Ergonomically designed workstations can help stylists work safely and comfortably. Taking breaks between clients can also give stylists an important chance to rest. 

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