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Personal injury is a way to protect people from being bullied and I don’t like big corporations taking advantage of people and I know that I have the tools and the weapons to fight the bullies. It’s unfortunate that we see laws that are being pushed by businesses and corporations to deny people the right to compensation. Every year we hear of cases where people are denied access to justice as a result of laws that are being passed by businesses and business interests in Michigan. Nobody expects an injury; nobody expects a car accident. Doesn’t matter who you are accidents happen every day. I’m a parent. I don’t want my kids being hit by someone who is drinking and driving. It’s all too often that we hear these stories and they affect an entire community. We want to be a positive force for change here at Goodwin and Scieszka. We’re handling cases where people are injured and are looking for the responsible party to do their fair share. Most people don’t have a vengeful heart – they’re not seeking revenge they’re seeking understanding, they’re seeking empathy, they’re seeking compensation for their particular situation. We want to be careful about what cases we take. We want to make sure that the cases have merit. Our cases matter. They matter to us, they matter to our clients. Call us immediately. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Don’t suffer in silence. Call us right now.

If you’ve been injured in any type of motor vehicle accident, personal injury, medical malpractice, childhood injury or any other accident contact us immediately. Our Michigan lawyers will investigate any injury case with no charge or legal fees unless and until we win money for you. Remember, at Goodwin & Scieszka we fight for you.