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Michigan Birth Trauma Lawyer – Signs & Symptoms

Signs & Symptoms of Birth Trauma

“The signs and symptoms of birth trauma is if mom leaves the hospital and the child stays behind for care and treatment. If there’s an emergency C-section, if there’s a premature birth, if parents hear the words “developmental delay,” “Oxygen deprivation,” there’s a diagnosis of “Cerebral or Erb’s Palsy” you want to make sure that you call us right away. These are very important situations. There are challenges that the families don’t understand that they’re going to go through for the rest of their child’s life. They need to find out the truth. The medical provider is not going to tell them the truth so it is so important to call us on the phone as soon as you hear the diagnosis of birth trauma or suspect birth trauma you want to call us right away. We’re going to look through the records. We’re going to sort through what happened. We’re going to talk to you about your particular situation and get your child the compensation they’re entitled to, to move forward to pay for medical bills, tutoring, rehab, and you know we’re not always going to be here with our kids. They’re going to need the support, the financial support for the rest of their life to be taken care of.”

If you are one of the many people in Michigan tragically dealing with a birth injury, don’t attempt to fight alone for what is owed to you. Our attorneys are here to help, and to guide you through the complex judicial process for you and your loved ones. Remember, our lawyers fight for You.