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Michigan Personal Injury Rights

It is very important to hire a personal injury lawyer to protect your rights. Whenever you’re dealing with a lawyer, instead of with an insurance representative or a claims representative, that person has your best interests in mind. Your injuries are significant, It could be life-threatening, the fall-out to your family in terms of lost wages and loss of income for your future is very important. It’s paramount to have a professional review everything that goes on surrounding your injury case. If you do this yourself and try to go on your own, these professionals on the other side, the claims adjusters, are going to eat you alive. We’re here as lawyers to protect your rights. We’re here to make sure that you don’t sign any documents that give away your rights. We’re here to make sure that we get you all the compensation you are entitled to under the law. It is very important that you understand the pitfalls when you’re dealing with auto accidents, motorcycle accidents – even medical malpractice or birth trauma. These are life altering events in people’s lives, and it is so important that you understand your rights (knowledge is power) and one other ways is to hire a lawyer to protect your rights.

What You’re Entitled To

In a dog bite case, or in a medical malpractice case or even in a slip-and-fall case, if your health insurance pays the bills for your medical’s then the health insurance company has a right to subrogation (normally in their contracts); or basically, a right to get into your shoes and get their money back for any medical bills that they paid out. So if a doctor injures you, your health insurance – even Medicare or Medicaid – can come in and get the money that they spent on your injury (your recovery or whatever the process entails).

For example let’s say you’re injured in a medical situation and someone has to pay for the error. Let’s say you’re supposed to be out at the hospital one day, but yet you stay for another week or two. Someone has to pay those bills! And if Medicare paid those bills (if you’re qualified for Medicare), or your health insurance paid those bills, they get to get repaid out of your settlement. So we have to make sure that we get enough money in that settlement, not only to cover your pain and suffering, but also to cover the medical bills – and that’s very important issue people forget about.