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What Does Workers’ Comp Cover?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 by

If you’ve been injured on the job, you’re facing a lot of expenses that you shouldn’t be personally responsible for paying. Medical bills, hospital stays, and rehabilitation costs all add up fast and that’s not including the income you stand to lose from being forced to take time off from work. Workers’ compensation is intended

When a person is involved in any type of serious accident, they aren’t always lucky enough to recover and survive. In the worst case scenarios, things like car accidents, dog attacks, workplace accidents, and slip and fall accidents can all be fatal. Because of this fact, wrongful death lawsuits are very common type of personal

Applying for social security disability benefits (SSDI) can be a very overwhelming process. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has very strict requirements to qualify for SSDI benefits, including the type of ailment you have, your work history, and whether or not they believe you may be able to do another type of work. With so

We all need to have a way to earn a living, but that doesn’t mean you should have to put yourself in harm’s way just to be able to earn your paycheck. There are many different ways a person could be injured on the job and some jobs are inherently riskier than others. But no

Any parent of a young child is bound to have stories about their kid getting into something they’re not supposed to. It’s perfectly normal for a child to want to explore their surroundings, but our homes are full of things that could be quite dangerous to a curious young child. This is why so many

Disney theme parks have a reputation for being the happiest places on Earth. For kids and adults alike, a trip to Disney World is often the sort of event that becomes a cherished memory. Unfortunately for the family of two-year-old Lane Graves, their vacation at Disney World recently turned tragic when he was fatally attacked

Nearly three years after a young girl was severely injured on an escalator in New Jersey, Macy’s and an escalator maintenance company have settled a lawsuit against them, agreeing to pay the girl and her family $15 million dollars in damages. In August 2013, ten-year-old Juliana Valdez was on a back-to-school shopping with her family

Every job, regardless of industry or environment, comes with its own sets of occupational hazards. Even a seemingly mundane office setting can be full of hazards ranging from heavy boxes to carpal tunnel syndrome. However, some jobs are inherently riskier than others, even when proper steps are taken to keep workers safe. Not only do

We all need all need a source of income to be able to get by in the world. If you’re dealing with an illness, injury, or disability that makes it impossible for you to work, one option to help get the money you need to cover your day-to-day expenses is by applying for SSDI benefits

In March 2015, Steve Esmond, his wife Theresa, and their teenage sons Ryan and Sean traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands for the vacation of a lifetime. The family had booked their accommodations at a luxurious condo in a resort in St. John. Their vacation suddenly turned from a dream to a nightmare when the