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Dog Bites

by / Monday, 24 June 2013 / Published in Dog Bites, Personal Injury

Did you know that you have the right to sue someone if their dog bites you? That’s right, if someone’s pet beast attacks you and you are injured, you can sue them for money. Millions of dollars have been won off these lawsuits, and it is more serious than you may think. If a dog is not trained properly, it could inflict serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Pitbulls are a perfect example of a dangerous animal. The breed was reported to have been responsible for 15 of the 16 fatal dog attacks last year. In the past seven years, pitbulls were responsible for 151 deaths. If you have been seriously injured by a dog attack, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer because you deserve compensation.

The owners of these dogs are held responsible for their animal’s behavior. If you are attacked by someones “pet,” they are responsible. In a notable case, Marjorie Knoller was the owner of the dogs who savagely killed a woman in 2001. The jury of Los Angeles found Knoller guilty of second degree murder. She was told that her dogs “deliberately engaged in behavior that was a danger to human life.” Knoller was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

What do you expect during a dog bite lawsuit? First, you want to look up your state’s dog bites laws. If the laws are in your favor and you have a case, be patient. These lawsuits could take many months and even years. One of the biggest issues is proving liability. For example, if you live in California, you will have to prove that it is the dog owner’s fault. Then there are many stages to the lawsuit. First, your attorney may send a demand letter (pretty much a warning they will be sued). Next, there is usually a period of negotiations between the victim and the dog owner. After that, a jury will be set up for your case. Then there is the court case, and finally, the verdict. It is just like every other lawsuit situation.

Dog bite incidents are very serious (especially when there are child dog bites involved). When play turns into injury, make sure you do not sit back and say “oh, the puppy was just playing.” The owners of the dog should have trained their dog better and they are 100% liable for the bad behavior of their animal. Dogs are great pets most of the time if they are trained right; just remember they are still animals and have animal instincts. If you are injured by a dog or another animal, seek legal help ASAP.

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