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The Signs of An Extremely Aggressive Dog

by / Monday, 01 July 2013 / Published in Dog Bites

Did you know that someone in America seeks medical attention for an animal related injury every minute? By assessing a dog’s body language, then you can significantly reduce the likelihood of a dog bite.

Happy dogs have confidence, and when unprovoked, they should remain in a relaxed state. They hold their heads high with their ears perked. Their tails will slowly wag back and forth. These are friendly dogs at ease with themselves and with their surroundings. Confident dogs are the dogs that you can comfortably approach.

Young dogs often show signs of playfulness. You should be able to see their energy: they’ll wag their tails quickly while the animal continually moves about, and they will often sit in the “play bow” pose. This is where the dog’s head and front paws are in a laying position while the back half of their body stands upright.

Approach these animals with more caution than you would with confident dogs. While they might want to play, their energy and attitude can quickly change to a more aggressive state. Young kids are often injured when energetic, playful dogs knock them down.

Aggressive or dominant dogs have something to prove: they make eye contact, lowly growl, and their back hair often is standing up straight. Further signs include aggressively playing with other animals and tension in the animal’s head and neck. These dogs are often provoked quickly and can bite without notice.

If you perceive an aggressive dog, then do not let it feel your anxiety. If you want to talk away, then walk away slowly and confidently. If you run or make sudden movements, then an aggressive dog could chase after you and bite you. Aggressive or dominant dogs should be avoided because they are most likely to harm you.

When you come in contact with a dog, then you should first try and evaluate that animal’s behavior. Remember, every situation involving a dog is different. Never provoke a dog because then it will feel threatened, and they will often protect themselves through their bites.

If you’ve unfortunately been injured in a dog bite accident, then there are Michigan laws to protect you. Dog bite claims are heavily dependent on their facts and circumstances. Provocation is always taken into consideration by courts. These claims fall under a broader category of tort law known as personal injury law.

Protect yourself before having to defend a lawsuit by avoiding aggressive dogs and keeping small children out of an energetic dog’s path.

If you have been injured by a dog bite whether you are a child or an adult, hire a dog bite attorney today!

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