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Tips for Motorcycle Safety: Protecting Yourself Against Motorcycle Accidents

by / Monday, 01 July 2013 / Published in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Before you ride

Before you strap on your new leather chaps and hit the road, then you should sit and thoroughly read your owner’s manual. Check your gas, tire, and oil levels. Ensure that you’ve complied with all the necessary state requirements and have the requisite license to ride. Unless you understand bike mechanics, then let a licensed professional work on your bike. Your signals, horn, and lights should all function properly. Although simple, these reminders significantly reduce the likelihood of an injury.

You’ve made it to the open road

You’re ready and riding, but remember, motorcycle accidents are your threat. Did you know that almost 100,000 motorcycle accidents happen every year? Avoid an injury by following a few simple steps.

Know your surroundings and always have an out. Keep a cool distance between you and other cars, especially at faster speeds. Keep in mind that you are harder to see than you think, and that people are often distracted while they drive. At night, you’re almost invisible, and you need to remember that; never fail to signal.

You have a passenger

You picked up a tall blonde-haired-beauty at your local biker bar. But is your motorcycle designed for two people? Is the person riding tall enough to reach the footrests and responsible enough to handle themselves while riding? These are important questions. The passenger needs to understand to lean with the bike, and not against it.

Your chances of a motorcycle injury are greatly increased when you have a passenger on your bike. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to keep you and your passenger safe.


Choosing what to ride in is important. Some states require helmets while other do not. If you fall while riding, then you should have a strong jacket that is going to protect you. Wear goggles, though not always attractive, they are safer than riding without them. The more visible that you make yourself is the safer you’ll be.


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