5 of the Most Dangerous Jobs in Michigan

5 of the Most Dangerous Jobs in Michigan

by / Tuesday, 27 August 2013 / Published in Personal Injury

Lumberjack carrying tree trunk and axe

  1. Logging work. Did you know that Michigan’s densely wooded region is home to one of the world’s most dangerous jobs? Workers have to climb huge trees, use complex cutting techniques with theirs saws, and work outside in unpredictable conditions.
  2. Sanitation engineers. Garbage collectors deal in trash, which can be filled with flammable chemicals, sharp objects, and other hazardous materials. Not to mention garbage collectors have to pick up at all times of the year, and are often struck by drivers trying to get around their trucks
  3. Roofers. Their work is important because a good roof keeps water outside of your house, but did you know that roofing accidents predominate emergency room visits? Workers aren’t protected by safety nets or any other mechanism to keep them atop of your home. They often slip and fall, or are cut from using gritty roofing materials.
  4. Fishermen. It’s a stinky job, but Michiganders love their whitefish and the plethora of other fish that lurk in our Great Lakes. Retrieving those delicious fish is not easy. Have you seen the Deadliest Catch? That stuff is no joke. Working with nature is unpredictable and waves on the Great Lakes can exceed 15 feet during some of the harsher conditions.
  5. Postal workers. Have you heard about the epidemic in Detroit? There are so many stray dogs that mailmen and women are being attacked throughout the city’s more depleted areas. It’s estimated that at least 50,000 stray dogs are roaming the city. Postal workers are often bit on their daily roots and it’s a problem that makes this one of Michigan’s deadliest jobs.

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