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Avoid a Car Accident: Funeral Processions Have Legal Right of Way

by / Friday, 21 March 2014 / Published in Michigan Law, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Tips

I always enjoy finding laws that people don’t know about, or that people just don’t talk much about. Today’s interesting law is about funeral processions and their legal right of way – this is a law out of respect for the dead and the mourning:

Funeral procession led by hearse and motorcycle

Sec. 654. (1) A motor vehicle forming part of a funeral procession, when going to a place of burial, shall have the right of way over all other vehicles except fire apparatus, ambulances, and police patrol vehicles at a street or highway intersection within this state if the vehicle in the funeral procession displays a flag which shall be fluorescent orange in color, and upon which shall be printed, stamped, or stained a black cross, the star of David, or the crescent and star. The lead vehicle and the last vehicle in the funeral procession may carry an additional flag. The flags shall not contain a name embossed or printed on the flag, except the word “funeral”.

(2) A person passing through a funeral procession of motor vehicles, designated pursuant to subsection (1), with a vehicle of any kind, is responsible for a civil infraction.

When the first car legally passes through an intersection, the entire procession of cars can follow behind even if the light is red. The only exception is when an emergency vehicle needs to interrupt with their lights on.

When you talk about the statute it raises awareness and reminds people to be cautious.

Our goal is reduce the very type of cases we often represent and there are definitely cases on the books of people being injured while in mourning and driving to and from cemeteries.

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