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Assumption of Risk in Light of America’s Pastime

by / Wednesday, 26 March 2014 / Published in Tips
Glass shattering as baseball breaks through

March 31, 2014 is opening day for the Detroit Tigers! Since many Michiganders will be hitting their own fields to play baseball, we wanted to talk about the assumption of risk doctrine as a defense to certain civil law claims.

First, let’s define the assumption of the risk doctrine: Participants in sporting activities are assumed to be aware of hazards inherent in the playing of the game and to have consented to the risk of injury inherent in the contest, other than breaches of contest rules designed to protect safety of the players as opposed to integrity of the contest.

When you’re playing baseball, you’re aware there are certain dangerous attributes to the game that can’t be eliminated: the ball can be unpredictable, the bat can potentially break, you might get run into by a player running the bases. These are just characteristics of the game. If you’re injured in normal game play, you’ve likely assumed the risk of that injury.

However, you only assume a certain amount of risk that’s inherent in the game itself. A player throwing a bat out of anger from being struck out is not the same as a bat breaking and hitting you. You don’t consent to fights and activities that aren’t part of the game you’re playing.

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