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All About Electric Scooter Accidents

by / Friday, 09 August 2019 / Published in Personal Injury
Motorized scooters lined up in downtown

Electric scooter rentals are becoming a more common sight in large cities all over the country, including Detroit. In places where parking can be tough, electric scooters from companies like Lime and Bird might seem like a fun way to get around town without the hassle of trying to move your car around throughout the day. In 2018, people took 38.5 million rides on shared electric scooters nationwide, but since these types of rentals are so new, there are a lot of unclear legal issues surrounding them at this point in time.

Causes of Electric Scooter Accidents

Accidents involving electric scooters can occur in many different ways and liability largely depends on how the accident occurred. Many cities encourage electric scooters to be operated in streets as regular bicycles would be to keep them away from pedestrians. But electric scooters are much less visible to drivers on the road, putting scooter riders at a greater risk for being hit, whether it’s by a driver trying to make a turn or by someone in a parked car opening a door without checking to see if the coast is clear first.

Rules regarding proper electric scooter usage is unclear or nonexistent in many places, so many people ride their scooters on the sidewalk. According to a March 2019 survey by Consumer Reports, 51% of people said they ride on the sidewalk when they rent scooters. While this keeps scooter riders out of the way of cars, SUVs, and trucks, it’s very easy for pedestrians to get hurt if someone on a scooter runs into them.

Rentable electric scooters can get a lot of wear and tear and if the rental company doesn’t stay on top of maintaining their scooters, it’s very easy for people to get hurt if a scooter malfunctions, is defective, or poorly maintained.

Does Insurance Cover Electric Scooter Accidents?

As far as insurance coverage goes, electric scooters are a unique type of vehicle that isn’t typically covered by auto insurance policies since they only have two wheels and often aren’t covered by homeowner’s or renter’s insurance since they have a motor, unlike traditional bikes. Some electric scooter companies have insurance policies that will cover riders if someone is injured as a result of faulty scooters. Health insurance policies should help cover the costs of injuries resulting from an electric scooter accident.

With all the legal confusion surrounding electric scooters, it’s a very good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if you’ve been injured in an electric scooter accident. Electric scooters can easily result in serious injuries, so it’s important to make sure you have someone on your side who knows the law and can fight for you. At Goodwin & Scieszka, you’ll be able to speak to a highly experienced Michigan personal injury lawyer who can answer your questions and help you figure out which steps to take next. Contact us today to get started.