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Who is Liable for Parking Lot Slip & Falls?

by / Wednesday, 30 August 2023 / Published in Personal Injury
A man in pain after falling on some ice.

Accidents involving cars aren’t the only way people can potentially get injured in a parking lot or  parking garage. These areas are often full of other types of hazards that people might not even initially think of. 

For example, there are often lots of slip and trip hazards to watch out for in parking lots. There might be spots where oil has dripped onto the ground. During the winter, there’s ice and snow to deal with. Rain can also make things slippery, especially if it mixes with oil on the ground. Potholes, pavement cracks, and other types of uneven pavement can make it very easy for people to trip. All of these hazards can be made even more dangerous if there isn’t enough lighting for people to clearly see where they’re walking. But if someone has a slip/trip and fall accident in a parking lot, who is liable?

Liability for Parking Lot Slip & Fall Accidents

When a person or company/organization is responsible for maintaining a parking lot or garage, they have a responsibility to make it reasonably safe for people to use. This is true whether the parking lot is open to the general public, the customers of a business, or a company’s employees. Very often, this responsibility goes to landlords, property managers and businesses.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that these parties need to keep their parking lots/garages in flawless condition at all times. It just means that they have a duty to identify things that would reasonably be considered dangerous and fix them in a timely manner. The longer these repairs get put off, it increases the risk of someone getting hurt. And if the person/organization responsible for maintaining a parking lot/garage neglects to make necessary repairs, they could be liable if someone is injured because of it. 

For example, if some lights in the parking lot have burned out, it would be up to the lot’s operator to have them replaced as quickly as possible, rather than ignoring it for months, increasing the chances that someone might slip on a patch of ice or trip on uneven pavement. Or if the bright paint on a curb has started to significantly wear off, it’s important that it be repainted quickly so that it’s clear to people that they need to step down. 

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