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The Risks for Pregnancy Complications & Bicornuate Uterus

by / Wednesday, 03 January 2024 / Published in Birth Trauma
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Bicornuate uterus is a congenital condition which causes women to have a uterus shaped like a heart instead of a pear, with the uterus divided into two compartments. It’s not a very common condition, occurring in approximately 1 out of 200 women. Since bicornuate uterus is a congenital condition, it’s not something that could have been prevented and it has few negative health risks outside of pregnancy. A bicornuate uterus has been associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible to carry a baby to term if a mother has this condition. 

Pregnancy Complications & Bicornuate Uterus

When an expectant mother has a bicornuate uterus, it’s very important for their doctors to carefully monitor them throughout pregnancy because the shape of the uterus can affect the baby’s growth, which can increase the risk for several different complications which will need to be managed appropriately. Some of these complications include a heightened risk of the baby being in a breech position, premature birth, low birth weight, and complications with the placenta. There can also be an increased risk of postpartum hemorrhage, maternal blood pressure issues, and the need for a cesarean section, all of which can potentially be dangerous for the mother if not handled well by her doctors. 

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A tragic fact about many birth trauma cases is that they could have been avoided. It’s crucial for doctors to carefully manage high risk pregnancies and quickly address any other complications that can come up even in pregnancies that were otherwise normal and healthy. If you or your child was injured around the time of birth, don’t hesitate to contact a birth trauma lawyer for help. 

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