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Gas Explosion in Genesee County

Wednesday, 23 April 2014 by
Fireball explosion into the air

A building that houses ambulances in Genesee County exploded after it filled with gas. The explosion occurred at the MMR building at the corner of Saginaw and Wisner around 10 am this morning. Consumer Energy immediately responded to the scene and fortunately there were no injuries. What causes gas leaks? Faulty gas appliances Poor pipework

Used needle on rock

Oh, the irony. You go to the hospital because you were in a car accident and end up with a hospital infection. What a bummer to be sicker than you started. You have to remember that fungi, bacteria, and viruses are a part of life. But when you put these naturally occurring micro-organisms in a

Plane crashed into a field

On April 19, 2 men, 63 and 49 years old, were killed in a plane crash in Shiawassee County. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Nearby residents saw the plane’s landing gear come down, which was followed by a loud impact. While little is still known about the cause of

Gloved hand holding needle while substance drips

Did you know that 1 in every 20 patients seeking medical care in the United States are affected by misdiagnosis, medical malpractice and gross negligence? Goodwin & Scieszka, our Southfield, Michigan personal injury firm, has been handling medical malpractice claims for over 30 years. If you’ve been injured as a result of a doctor, then

A Kalamazoo County Car Crash

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 by
Aftermath of a car accident with two red cars

Last night, a pickup traveling north in the southbound lane struck and killed another driver in a Ford Mustang on US-131 in Plainwell, Michigan – just outside of Kalamazoo County. The driver of the Mustang was identified as Jaryd Ford, who died at the scene of the accident according to police. The pickup’s driver was

Sand snowman on the beach

Goodwin and Scieszka are as surprised as you; there’s nothing stranger than springtime snow on the ground. Thanks a lot Michigan. It’ll be another major bummer for already torn apart, dilapidated roads. Drive safely out there today. Our personal injury firm wants to help you avoid Michigan car accidents: Concentrate on your driving – a

Hand signing piece of paper

It’s spring! We finally made it. As more people start being active outside, Goodwin & Scieszka thought it would relevant to discuss a method of shielding yourself from personal injury liability, especially if you have a dangerous activity on your property: Trampolines A tennis court Water skiing Stand up jet skis You should consider having

Aggressive dog barking

Do you live in Royal Oak, Michigan? Do you have a dog? Royal Oak has a dog bite ordinance that allows the city’s Animal Control Officer to make a determination that your dog is dangerous and thus must be registered with the city. It’s Royal Oak’s effort to avoid more Michigan dog bites. Take a

Playgrounds are supposed to be fun places for children to spend time. But even under the best of circumstances, it’s very easy for kids to get injured on a playground by doing simple things like falling down while running around. But when playgrounds aren’t being well maintained and repairs aren’t being made, a fun afternoon

Mom placing band aid on injured child's knee

The Michigan Playground Equipment Act protects the assembly and manufacturing of playground equipment. It imposes liability on the builder for negligent assembly. 408.685 Violation of act; penalty; default; disposition of collections. Sec. 5. (1) A person who violates this act in the manufacture of public playground equipment is responsible for a state civil infraction and